Founded by Lynette Gonga in 2017, Adventure Horizons Africa is an enthusiastic initiative of locals passionate about their country and travelling. It is the home to the first free walking tour company in Zimbabwe! The idea is to make tourism accessible and inclusive.
There was a need to create our own dream jobs and give tour guides an outlet for their passion for sharing authentic African experiences and storytelling from a local perspective. We continously seek to improve our tours and diversify our team. Our mission is to bring the hidden and often-missed histories, quirks, and eccentricities of Zimbabwe into light in a sustainable and cooperative way.
During your time with us you will discover gems that you possibly would have missed on your own and gets tips on places and things to do beyond the norm.

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The free walking too with Sibo was extremely refreshing. We got to see the city of Harare with new eyes and went to places we had never seen before, places we would normally brush aside. Sibo was friendly, lively and attentive. I would recommend this tour to anyone who visits Harare. 🙂

– Noma M

Noma M

Noma M

Sibon, June and her lovely son were so welcoming with me, i felt so good sharing with them. They give me very good information about the history, architecture, situation in the country and local tips that you can not find in the media or news, just local people living day by day in this country can give you this valuable info. I couldnt find or go bymyself yhe places that they show me and i didnt know about the places are not allowed to take photos. I fully recommend them)))


– Carlos P

Carlos P

Carlos P

If you want to start understanding the country of Zimbabwe, there is no better way than with Lynette on the Free Walking Tour! She is just amazing! Professional, nice, with class, noble and has a huge knowledge about the country, history, culture and economics. Lynette makes the tour very personal and tailor made so you feel like it was design specially for you. Do yourself a favor and and go for the Free Walking Tour with Lynette! Don’t forget to express your gratitude with a decent tip. The time with Lynette is priceless <3

Julia G, from Warsaw, Poland

Julia G, from Warsaw, Poland
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