Dance Classes

45min – 1hr

5 ppl min

15 ppl max

From USD$5


The session kicks off with a full body stretch to wake up those muscles and warm your body up. Stretches are key before any form of work out and make a difference through out the session. A cool down stretch is also given at the end of each session Each song has different routines and this is broken down before going through the whole routine with the music. At the end of the session, each individual would have familiarized with at least 2 routines.

Dance Styles You Can Learn:

– Kizomba
– Salsa
– Afro-Salsa
– Afro fitness
– Bachata
– Traditional Dance

1-on-1 sessions are also available to individuals who need a more tailored lesson.

Cancellation Policy:
Payment has to be done to the instructor before the session and Cancellation has to be 3 hours before the session for payment to be carried forward.


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