Mbira Meditation

45min – 1hr

10 ppl min

20 ppl max



The Adventure Zimbabwe Club (AZC) has the desire for the Mbira to be internationally recognised as an instrument and also to be used for meditation purposes. Part of the MM initiative is to raise awareness that traditional instruments can now be used for other wellness purposes, allowing people of all backgrounds to enjoy it. During these sessions, the theme always allows one to feel peaceful and at ease. We try to bring an African feel to our sessions connecting individuals to nature through what will be surrounding them. We also take meditation to the nature, where we are surrounded by nothing but birds and trees and the beautiful Mbira melody. We also have MM with body movement for more active participants as it allows them¬† to stay engaged and in the meditative mood. The movement is in tune with the Mbira melody and allows the connection between body and mind to synchronise as one. If you haven’t tried it, book a session for you and your friends and if you have tried it with us before, we are looking forward to meditating with you again


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