How Easy is it for Zimbabweans to Travel?

Linjani guys?

Have you ever wanted to travel but felt it was too complicated! After some empirical research among friends and acquaintances I realised that most of us want to travel but visas or the lack of information circulating on visas to various destinations, the exorbitant flight cost as well as access our ambitions have been stagnated. Well, I wrote this article to help highlight some of the possibilities and challenges of traveling on a Zimbabwean passport.

Did you know that as Zimbabwean passport holders you can travel to can visit 38 countries without a visa, also have access to get 16 e-visas and 18 visas on arrival? This means a total 72 countries around the world we can travel to with so much ease! So what are you waiting for? We have nothing to lose and a world to see.

For many years there has been several talks around the Africa Union passport that would allow Africans to travel without needing a passport to other African countries. I must say this is much anticipated and completely necessary. Following an initiative by a fellow Travel entrepreneur Funmi Oyatogun who creates fun and helpful maps, I made a map that shows the ease/difficulties for  Zimbabwean passport holders around Africa. The map indicates which countries are easiest to travel for Zimbabwean passport holders within Africa. Visas, flights/transport costs and access have been taken into consideration. Also check the lovely Funmi’s website for more fun maps.


It is my hope that more Africans will travel with ease in Africa and beyond. What are your travel plans for this year? Perhaps we will meet on the road?I have always felt that despite obstacles one’s will power and determination should sail above challenges. If you goal is to travel, try start small and go as far as you can. As one friend and muralist – Aušrinė, painted “Travel Far Enough to Meet Yourself”.

Travel Far Enough To MEet Yourself (@im_aube)

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– Lynette